Euroalpi: research and development

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High efficiency

Certified and eco-friendly pellet stoves

Quality, durability and efficiency

Thanks to research and technological innovation, Euroalpi pellet stove lines are cutting edge and boast the most advanced technical characteristics with the correct attention to the details that make them durable over time and increase their efficiency.
All the models are high performing, reaching 95.15% peaks and a low emission rate.

Increase efficiency and decrease consumption

Euroalpi guarantees products that are environmentally friendly: knowing you are going to buy a product manufactured in such a way that the emissions impact the environment as little as possible, increases its quality. The performance of a Euroalpi pellet stove is constantly studied and tested to guarantee optimised heat dispersion in a constant and uniform manner over the entire area in question.

Guaranteed quality certifications

All the Euroalpi offers are certified according to current regulations.

  • Compliance with European directives and standards;
  • Austrian certification for compliance with environmental protection measures;
  • European Standard for residential space heating appliances fired by wood pellets
  • European certification attesting product quality and compliance with European standards EN 14785 – EN13240;
  • BAFA, German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control: a German higher federal authority subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology for import control;
  • Environmental certification;

heat and technology

All Euroalpi pellet stoves and hydro pellet stoves have essential characteristics to make the offers unique and performing. Many of the aspects of using pellet stoves have seen substantial renewal over the years: this is due to the technical department that is constantly dedicated to research and development in designing the production lines.

From the powder coated steel covering to the Application to simplify programming your heating, Euroalpi stoves are now a combination of design, efficiency and technology. Today such cutting-edge technology becomes easy to access especially for those who want to increase their energy class: with the Conto Termico 2.0 incentives can be obtained for the purchase of a heating appliance that optimises living conditions.

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