Pellet stoves and smartphones


App created to use your pellet stove remotely

Heat the home with a finger

It is possible to associate a Wi-Fi with all Euroalpi pellet stoves, allowing them to be managed remotely. By downloading the Euroalpi application on your electronic device, you will be able to manage your Euroalpi pellet stove even from kilometres away.

Download the application:

Connecting with your pellet stove
has never been so simple!

The connection kit is very simple: you just need to connect the Wi-Fi module to the electrical network through the power supply provided, connect your stove and the module through a wire, configure the pellet stove online and download the application to control it remotely.

Download the instructions here to connect your pellet stove to your electronic device:

stufe euroalpi

What you can do with the Euroalpi application

With the Euroalpi app on any device, it will be possible to adjust the switching on and off of the pellet stove, program the its operating hours, adjust the temperature and the power by lowering and raising it as you like.

Adjust switch-on and switch-off

Program times

Adjust temperature

Adjust power

Do you need help to connect your Euroalpi pellet stove? Contact the company at 0444 820933 or send an e-mail.